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Saturday, June 27

Sound Scene Horn Blast

10:00 AM ET | Sonic Meditation

Join artist Layne Garrett for Deep Listening. It’s a practice taught by the late composer Pauline Oliveros. Listen first, with an ear toward healing, and move towards a collective experience that is more than the sum of its parts.

This session involves using your ears and voice. No prior meditation or musical experience is necessary.

10:30 AM ET | Wetland

“Wetland” surfaces the notions of nature’s impermanence and duality, inviting the audience to slow down and reflect on the environment that surrounds us. 

Source materials from artist sisters Elena and Clara Brea include field recordings and video footage captured throughout Clara’s Eufonic/LoPati Residency, modular synthesizer compositions, underwater footage from the Ebro Delta in Cataluña, and field recordings from a canal boat in London. A QnA with the artists will follow this performance.

11:00 AM ET | Closely Held

The interactive web experience “Closely Held,” by Chris Combs, lets you swipe and swoosh through short recordings of music, nature, and spoken word. You become the conductor. Swipe faster, the clips play faster; move slowly and you get a “fun-house mirror” of sounds. The audio clips deal gently with underlying themes of anxiety — perfect for 2020.


11:30 AM ET | Citizen DJ Audio Challenge Launch

In collaboration with the Library Of Congress (LOC) Citizen DJ project, we are psyched to launch this special Sound Scene audio challenge! Audiences and artists alike are invited to dive into the extensive collection of sounds and samples of the Citizen DJ project. Each person is encouraged to listen closely to make fresh connections with the archived sounds of African American history and culture.

In the spirit of the sample and remix richness of American hip hop, take this audio challenge: Choose three LOC clips, and make your own remix (if you’re new to beats, join our FL Pro workshop on Sunday to learn more)! Post your new mix as your story on social media and be sure to tag #soundscenefest #libraryofcongress #citizenDJ and help further amplify the powerful voices of African Americans past and present.


1:00 PM ET | Water Works! (45 mins)

In this workshop, challenge yourself to hear water sounds as musical 
instruments and percussion. Musician Sonia Herrero will guide the process of turning 
water sounds into beats with fresh modulation and sound design techniques. 

*Bring water in a bottle, glass, or bowl with you to this Zoom session to be ready to create sounds of your own from home.

2:00 PM ET | Personal Geographies (1 hr)

What effect do places have on our memories? Why do certain locations stand out in our minds years, or even decades, after the last time we visited them? In this interactive workshop, artist Becky Wareing-Steele and oral historian Shannon Geis showcase audio and sculptural highlights from Personal Geographies. Come ready to explore some memories of your own and join the conversation about how to harness memories to create a stronger sense of individual and community identity.

This discussion will include a map making exercise, so participants are encouraged to come to the workshop with paper and colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Participants will then break into smaller groups to discuss questions around their own memories of place and why certain locations stand out in their memories. The workshop will come back together as a large group to allow for time for discussion a brief QnA. Upon exit, participants will be encouraged to record a memory of a place of significance and submit it to Personal Geographies for inclusion in future exhibitions by the project.

*Participants should bring with them: a blank piece of paper and something with which to write and/or draw!

3:00 PM ET | ArtLab Songwriting Workshop (1 hr)

Join singer, songwriter and performer Amber Mimz (also an ArtLab Educator) for this songwriting workshop. This session will cover some of the basic and essential songwriting elements that will get you feeling confident enough to create and record the perfect hook. This workshop will use the free mobile music application Audiobridge.

*Consider downloading Audiobridge ahead of time to get the max out of your workshop


8:00 PM ET | O disjunctus

This multimedia performance by entomologist-musician Ben Pagac and environmental laywer-performer Ana Maria Kleymeyer combines recorded sounds, music, and imagery to illustrate the vulnerability of the small and unseen in the face of climate change. A society of beetles dwell in decaying logs in deciduous forests of North America; the sea level steadily rises over coral atolls in the Pacific. This piece prods the witness to consider the interconnected relationships between living beings and their environment in the anthropocene.

8:15 PM ET | Earth Music

Earth Music is an online streaming presentation that reveals the hidden world of natural sounds that are normally cloaked, imperceptible, or masked by the routines of daily life. Get ready to hear planetary processes — geologic, atmospheric, climatic, and biologic– in new ways. Composer Barry Schmetter will share video segments about the tools and techniques used in field recording, and a live performance. This work includes natural sounds collected with hydrophones (underwater mics), high-sensitivity microphones, and specialized radio receivers. All sounds were collected by the artist over the past 12 months.

8:45 PM ET | Creative Improvised Music & Movement

An improvised ensemble collaboration that blends live sound, dance and elements of the unseen. Featuring Rex Delafkaran, Nik Francis, Layne Garrett, Aquiles Holladay, Sarah Hughes, Luke Stewart, and Shay Turner.

Sunday, June 28

Sound Scene Horn Blast

10:00 AM ET | Art Sounds

Live duets between solo musicians and select works of art from the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum will transform the seen into the well-heard.

This session features performances by violinist and composer David Schulman

and bassist and composer Luke Stewart.

10:30 AM ET | Let’s Make Noise Sisters!

“My need for radical statement became overwhelming, forming the following call: Can we gather all our anger and a need for change and transform them into new energy, into music, with a stunning and cathartic force?”- Zorka Wollny

German artist Zorka Wollny has been creating sound pieces responding to social crisis for fifteen years. Her acoustic compositions result from collaboration with individuals, groups and communities: students, workers and activists. Voices are brought together into powerful performances in public spaces to address anger, activism and to mitigate feelings of powerlessness that are all too common. This talk will focus on composing concerts/manifestations in public places.

11:00 AM ET | Sound Color Project

Sound Color Project explores the accessibility of sound through color, light, and texture, offering an opportunity to experience the sound spectrum visually. Though it began as a way to offer D/deaf or hard of hearing individuals an opportunity to visualize the feeling of music, artist and creator Derek Torsani notes the project has evolved into a system for exploring the ways that sound and color relate to each other.


1:00 PM ET | Backstage with NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts (45 mins)

Head backstage (if there was a backstage!) to join audio engineer Josh Rogosin of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts, for a talk about the recording approaches that help make Tiny Desk Concerts so memorable.

1:45 PM ET | Listening Lounge (30 mins)

Are you ready to listen in new ways? Join DC Listening Lounge facilitator Jocelyn Frank for a listening session that will stretch your ears (and MAYBE your mind). The DC Listening Lounge audio collective (the group that curates Sound Scene) also meets monthly for small listening sessions in living rooms across DC. This interactive small group workshop will be led in that spirit. You’ll listen to curated audio selections with other participants. You are invited to bring a recording of your own too (please limit your audio to clips of 1 minute or shorter). If time permits the group may listen together to those too!

*In this session reflection and conversation are encouraged.

3:00 PM ET | Music Production +Beat Making Skills Share (1hr)

Ready to transform that idea you’ve been humming at home into a fresh new beat? Join professional music producer and ARTLAB educator J’Nae Morrae for this music production workshop. Morrae will showcase a few handy beat-making tricks and song-remixing techniques using the industry-standard digital audio workstation, FL Studio.

*Consider downloading FL Studio ahead of this workshop to get the most from your experience.


8:00 PM ET | Errant Movement

Errant Movement dance company invites you to experience the unseen side of dance performance. This screening (followed by a QnA with company members) explores the deep processes behind the blending of sound and motion to create live performance.  
New footage of choreography created during the pandemic will be 
premiered, showcasing how artists and 
companies across the country are adapting — pushing dance forward 
through this challenging time. 

8:15 PM ET | Music from the Time of Black Death

This 15-minute video concert uses music, text, and art from the time of the Black Death to add historical perspectives to the discourse on our current pandemic. Musical selections, performed by Niccolo Seligmann, are interspersed with readings from chronicles and excerpts from the visual art of that tumultuous period. The live portions of this video concert will consist of a spoken prelude connecting the current demonstrations against police brutality with anti-nobility uprisings from the time of the Black Death. A Q&A with the artist and composer will follow.

8:45 PM ET | Bushmeat Sound Presents: Aunt Jemima Chokehold

Dr. Thomas Stanley’s electroBush, improvised electronic sound art and words, are
designed to emancipate the listener from archaic and destructive 
tendencies and beliefs. Listen up.