Image displays large text reading “Sound Scene 2021 Emerge” and shows the head of a female Greek figure, white marble, with fiddle head ferns emerging from her head like hair. There are blue and purple shadows on her face giving the impression of stage lights.

Saturday, June 26

10:00am doors open at Dock 5 at Union Market, 1309 5th St NE Washington DC.

ASL provided by Joyful Signing.

All-Day Opportunities:

10:30 am LIVE STAGE, Image Eclipses Content a live performance featuring Mike Khoury and Ben Hall

11:30 am LIVE STAGE, Sporedic Score a live performance. Score by Rosemary Holliday Hall and performance by collaborating artists

12:30 pm LIVE STAGE, Black Girls Hand Games Project (workshop!) with ARTLAB’s OnRaé LaTeal

1:30 pm LIVE STAGE, Improvised Music & Movement a live performance with artists Basheer Basséne, Aquiles Holladay, Thomas Stanley and Jenny Moon Tucker

2:30 pm LIVE STAGEGestalt a live performance featuring Manny Arciniega, Gary Prince, Sarah Foard, Christopher Brown, Daniel Frankhuizen, Peter Leibold, and Aaron Percy.

3:00 pm WELCOME TABLE, Surface, Circulate, Celebrate, Survive (a binaural bike ride!), Ana Maria Kleymeyer and Ben Pagac…and you!

4:00 pm WELCOME TABLE, CANARIAS DC SOUNDWALK (audio field trip), Pablo Sanz. (Presented in Partnership with SPAIN Art&Culture)

Image shows the head of a female Greek figure, white marble, with fiddle head ferns emerging from her head like hair. There are blue and purple shadows on her face giving the impression of stage lights.

Sunday, June 27

All Sunday programs are online. Registration HERE is required (to receive the link). All Sound Scene events are free! ASL provided by Joyful Signing.

11:00 am ET Workshop, Crystal Radio and other weird ways to be heard with Sonia Herrero

12:00 pm ET Planetary Resilience: a conversation with artists whose work explores themes of suffering and strength, with Kelsey Bosch, David Exume, Kathleen Ma. Screening/exhibition follows.

12:30 pm ET Spatial Garden by TWC, an introduction to an audio field trip app (for your next visit to the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden)

12:45 pm ET DC Music Map Upload-A-Thon, a step-by-step session about how to upload your favorite music hot spots with Smithsonian producer Nichole Procopenko.

1:00 pm ET Identity and Emergence: a conversation with artists Hyenaz, Shayok Misha Chowdhury and Kameron Neal. Followed by a screening.

  • SIGNALS by Hyenaz world premier. Presented in Partnership with Goethe Institut DC. (duration 10 minutes)
  • VICHITRA: An Anthology of Queer Dreams created by Shayok Misha Chowdhury in collaboration with Kameron Neal and Jeremy S. Bloom (duration 25 minutes)

5:00 pm ET Un(re)solved by FRONTLINE PBS: A behind the scenes walk through, with Shantal Riley, of this multi-platform web interactive experience, investigating more than 150 civil rights era cold cases. Un(re)solved recently had its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival.

5:30 pm ET Ecology Fieldwork and Sound: a conversation with artists Barry Schmetter, David Mordini, Ben Pagac, Ana Maria Kleymeyer, Pablo Sanz. Followed by exhibitions.

6:15 pm ET Composing Emergence: a conversation with artists Mike Khoury, Ben Hall, Tanya Thielke a.k.a.Tantroniq, Matthew Tomkinson, Rosemary Holliday Hall. Exhibition/screening followed by conversation and Q+A with artists.

  • neXt by Tantroniq (duration 20 minutes)
  • Woe Trumpets (excerpt) by Matthew Tomkinson and Josh Hite (duration 25 mins)

7:30 pm ET Physical Spaces: a conversation about how space impacts sound and sound impacts space with Madona Tyler LeBlanc, Manny Arciniega. Screening followed by Q+A with artists.

Image shows the head of a female Greek figure, white marble, with fiddle head ferns emerging from her head like hair. There are blue and purple shadows on her face giving the impression of stage lights.

More about Sound Scene’s Installations

Message in a Bottle

Saturday on-going

An experiential installation featuring hundreds of glass bottles containing crowdsourced positive premonitory messages, ready to find their seekers. Visitors are invited to take a bottle and dial the number they find inside to  experience the magic of serendipity and the intimacy that buoys human connection in this time of isolation. For more information, visit:

Kristina Loring is a sound-oriented storyteller and AW-dee-OH producer. She’s currently the Head of Audio at Dipsea, a feminist audio erotica app. Before Dipsea, she produced and edited the interactive podcast Cooking By Ear. Her sound installations have created sonic waterways in downtown San Francisco and aural cities in the woods of Nova Scotia.

Where do we go from here?

Saturday on-going

An interactive oral history installation that uses a giant keyboard (yup, kind of like the one that Tom Hanks plays in the movie Big) to activate recordings of life advice drawn from elders in the artist’s life. Step up to contemplate a plan with a stranger or amplify a cacophony — not unlike the sonic score one might encounter when, after a year of unemployment, one begins to seek guidance from their community about what to do next. 

Annelise Finney is a defense investigator for a public defenders office who also dabbles in electronics, radio journalism and work as an oral historian. She was born and raised in the  Bay Area, where she lives today. 


Saturday on-going

A sculptural multichannel sound installation with accompanying online sound and video content. The installation is comprised of cicada sculptures that include audio electronics and speakers. The audio channels of the installation include spoken word, cicada field recordings, and electronic synthesis related to the themes of emergence, resilience, and transformation

Barry Schmetter is a Washington DC area-based sound, visual, and installation artist. He creates ambient/experimental music and video art as @resonant_space. He is a founding member of the DC Modular Collective. He has also worked as a coordinator for multiple arts organizations, including Artomatic and Filmfest DC. You can follow his work on Instagram and Bandcamp as @resonant_space. 

David Mordini is an artist who lives and works in the Washington Metropolitan Area. He received his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 1995. Mordini’s work was originally selected as part of the permanent collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and now is held in the permanent collection at American University. He has served on the boards of The Washington Project for the Arts and the Washington Sculptors Group. In 2015, Mordini co-founded Otis Street Arts Project, and is now its director. This Maryland-based art space features artists’ studios, galleries, and a workshop/maker space. 


A location-based Augmented Reality art installation from FRONTLINE PBS which tells the stories of lives that were cut short and the families who are still seeking justice today. The project investigates more than 150 Civil Rights era cold cases, drawing on more than two years of reporting and dozens of first-hand interviews with family members, FBI agents and Justice Department officials, and journalists. Un(re)solved is part of a multi platform project which includes an interactive web-based experience; a serialized podcast; this location-based Augmented Reality art installation; a companion educational curriculum; and a feature documentary that will broadcast on FRONTLINE in October 2021. The Un(re)solved project also makes available for the first time a comprehensive interactive database of information about all 151 people on the list presented through the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act.

Tamara Shogaolu (FRONTLINE PBS) is an international director and new media artist focused on sharing intersectional stories across mediums, platforms, and virtual and physical spaces in order to promote cross-cultural understanding and challenge preconceptions. Shogaolu is the founder and creative director of Ado Ato Pictures. Her work has been featured at film festivals, galleries, and museums worldwide, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Indonesia. She was a 2018 Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab Programs Fellow and a 2019 Gouden Kalf Nominee. She was a Burton Lewis Endowed Scholar for Directing at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she graduated with an MFA. Shogaolu was also a Fulbright Scholar in Egypt, a Luce Scholar in Indonesia, and an Academy Nicholls Fellowship Semifinalist.

Saturday on-going

More About Sound Scene’s Online Exhibitions

VICHITRA: An Anthology of Queer Dreams

Sunday 1:00 pm ET

VICHITRA is an experiment in queer South Asian imagination. It’s a word that, in many languages of the Subcontinent, means “strange,” “weird,” “grotesque,” but also “striking,” “flamboyant,” “many-colored,” and “diverse.” The project is a series of sonic patchworks paired with moving image. Episode 1, “An Anthology of Queer Dreams,” follows the surreal (il)logic that takes over when we sleep. Eavesdrop on LGBTQ+ folx from all corners of the Desi diaspora—from Vancouver to Jabalpur, Dhaka to Singapore—through anonymous, intimate, intricate recollections of their dreams.

Shayok Misha Chowdhury is a many-tentacled director and writer, working variously in live performance, audio, video, and the written word. His work has been presented and supported by The Public Theater, New York Theatre Workshop, Soho Rep, Ars Nova, Joe’s Pub, The Bushwick Starr, HERE Arts Center, BRIC, New Orleans Film Festival, Jerome Foundation, NYFA/NYSCA, Fulbright, Kundiman, and The Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics. Misha was a collaborator on the Grammy-winning album Calling All Dawns and has been published in The Cincinnati Review, TriQuarterly, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Asian American Literary Review, and elsewhere. 

Jeremy S. Bloom is an Emmy-nominated sound designer whose work spans across podcasts, film/TV, immersive exhibits, and theater. His original sound designs have been presented internationally by Netflix, Discovery, Magnolia Films, BBC Wales, CNN Films, WNYC, Radiolab, History Channel, America’s Test Kitchen, The Tenement Museum, James Taylor, ATG London, New York Theatre Workshop, and more. Jeremy created four immersive soundscapes permanently installed at The Statue of Liberty, and has designed and scored over 100 episodes of WNYC’s critically acclaimed queer podcast “Nancy.”

Kameron Neal is a video artist, performance-maker and graphic designer. His work has been featured in music videos and performances by Rufus Wainwright and Billy Porter. Kameron’s work has also been seen in The New York Times, National Geographic, Forbes, HYPEBEAST, and at BAM, The Public Theater, Ars Nova, CultureHub, Digital Graffiti, New Orleans Film Festival, the Democratic National Convention, the Bemis Center and the Williams College Museum of Art.


Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Signals is a new work created especially for Sound Scene Festival’s 2021 theme EMERGE. Signals explores the notion of performativity in the form of codes, signs, drag, and masks in order to emerge from the darkness as visible. Signals become methods of translation, channels through which our voices become audible and understood. Bodies emerge into forms which are recognized and codified; modes through which we can be understood and called into subjectivity. An audio work and a video essay, Signals explores the process of emergence especially as it relates to the a/Artist into cultural spaces of power, those who hold or desire to hold the microphone. Using multiple distinct voices and perspectives, both sung and written, Signals explores the process through which one emerges through the implementation of signals like masks, codes, dress, and language in order to achieve audibility, visibility and  thus access. What is this process of emergence? Who stands at the gate,? What is gained and lost in this process? HYENAZ create all their sound works from original field recordings; the particular context for these recordings were an anarcha-feminist anti-military conference which brought together activists from throughout and beyond eastern Europe and central Asia. Together the members of the conference struggled to bridge knowledges, contexts and experiences. HYENAZ want to especially thank the voices and brave activists who were present there. (Presented in Partnership with Goethe Institut DC)

HYENAZ are Berlin-based sound and movement artists Kathryn Fischer aka Mad Kate and Adrienne Teicher. The immersive performances, dance tracks, soundscapes, performative installations and a/v works they produce utilize the sonic shape-shifting of field recordings gathered in the process of site-specific works. 

For the past 7 years HYENAZ have been working on a music, performance and sonic research project titled “Foreign Bodies,” a slow movement journey to explore relationships of “bodies in motion and bodies in resistance”, be they human or of other sentience. Central to this project is the idea that the body is disappearing: from social interactions blasted into the corporate cloud, to machine intelligence tangled in the systems that govern life, to techno-futurists fantasies of an age where analogue flesh has vanished into digital consciousness. 

Through their immersive live performances at spaces such as Berghain, Museum Modern Contemporary Art, Seoul and SXSW, HYENAZ have looked at the possibilities and importance of physical touch and wrestle with how the body operates inside sets of seemingly opposing forces, ie “the virtual and the real,” “truth and falsehood.” Yet the arrival of a global pandemic has brought into sharp focus new conditions and limitations to physical engagement. It has created heightened awareness around the importance of redefining community and creative forms of “touch”. HYENAZ have welcomed the challenge of continuing their practice of somatic- based performance in these changing and alienating conditions.

Liberty Edition

Saturday On-Going

Sunday 12:00 pm ET

Spring always feels like a time of emerging in Minnesota as the days begin to lengthen and warm us. It’s the time of year when everyone gets outside, leaving the confines of private spaces. This spring felt even more intensely freeing, putting the darkest and most isolating part of the pandemic behind us. Liberty Edition evokes this awakening from the depths of winter and the pandemic by remixing field recording samples from February through May in Minneapolis. The composition is translated visually to create a multi-sensory experience. 

Kelsey Bosch creates media installation work to manipulate the borders between constructed knowledge and wild unknowns, acknowledging that what lies outside experience distorts its very center. She received her MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and has since created large-scale sonic installations for Art(ists) on the Verge, Weisman Art Museum, and Loring Park Artists in Residence. 


Sunday 12:00 pm ET

Torpor is a survival tactic that reduces body temperature and metabolic rates in animals. In Geiser & Bringham’s “Living in a Seasonal World,” the authors suggest that this daily use of torpor may have allowed some organisms to survive through mass extinction events. Our audio visual installation aims to explore this natural display of resilience and the feeling of emerging on the other side of inactivity brought on by feelings of depression and alienation. We’ll be applying the idea of “torpor” to the human spirit, exploring personal experiences of growth through adversity and looking at them from the other side. The work explores the role of our own imaginations in times of inactivity, and also highlights a creative survival tactic found only among certain species. 

David Exumé ( is a writer and sound artist based in Berkeley, CA. His writing has appeared in Joyland Magazine, Memoir Mixtapes, and Bandcamp, and he also produces experimental sound art, mashups, and sample flips. He is interested in making work that explores pop culture mashups, magical realism, and surreal hyper-mundanity. 

Kathleen Ma ( is a multimedia artist and writer based in Queens, NY. Her work often manifests as 3d renderings, animations, videos, photos, writings, and zines. She is interested in making work that reveals what is playful and irreverent under the artificial, corporate, and manufactured. 

The Woe Trumpets (Excerpt)

Sunday 6:15 pm ET

An audiovisual album that reimagines narratives of disaster and dystopia by attempting to find hidden subtexts within the master metaphor of apocalypse. The soundtrack plays with end-times scoring conventions while the video reworks footage from 1970s films (the golden age of disaster) in order to find new meanings and microexpressions within the era’s familiar tropes. Read more:

Matthew Tomkinson’s music explores the limit states of genre, texture, technology, and aural perception, with an overarching interest in unruly eclecticism and conceptualism. As a sound designer, he is a regular collaborator with Ace Co Pro, Company 605, Kinesis Somatheatro, and Magazinist. His compositions for dance and theatre have been presented at PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vines Art Festival, New Works, Dance in Vancouver, Dancing on the Edge, and The Vancouver International Dance Festival. The Woe Trumpets is his debut solo album.

Josh Hite works with photography, video, animation, and sound, typically via typological processes, creating reorganized archives of behaviours, spaces and scenes disconnected by either geography or time. He strives to imagine content itself as a primary generator of possible forms while simultaneously investigating art historical or cultural references as structural assistants. The initial dynamic encounter between the lens and subject dually determines precisely how content is perceived and ultimately influences the unfolding of overall project formations. Works query relationships between an experience and its location, power dynamics at play, and the ways in which sequencing and transitions can seamlessly propel viewers through time.

Bynh Ho is an independent contemporary dance and communication design artist, living and working on unceded xʷməθkwəy̓əm, Skwxwú7mesh and səlil̓ilw̓ətaʔɬ territory 


Sunday 6:15 pm ET

A sonic portrait of the experience of living indoors, during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic lock down as I experienced it, giving way to the emergence of the Brood X cicadas. It struck me that their re-emergence this spring represented a cycle that continues with or without us but also  invites us to reflect on the meaning of time in relation to the sequences of life.I blend the sounds inside my home, yard and neighborhood with recordings of the last emergence of Brood X and this year to mark a period of time in my personal as well as global history, mixing disorientation with a return to familiarity. My hope is that soon we will all feel as if we have emerged from a solitary and dark place back into the light of day with friends, family and community.

Tanya Thielke (a.k.a. Tantroniq) is a composer working with field recording, sound design, multimedia, and electronic as well as acoustic instruments. Her career has included violin performance and pedagogy, scoring and performance for theatrical multimedia productions and composition work. Her current interest is blending digitally sculpted natural sounds and noises into narrative sonic experiences. You can read more at


Sunday 7:30 pm ET

This movement and sound film is focused on the intimate sounds and small movements of dancers finding their footing during a pandemic that impedes physical touch and connection. Movers reclaim spaces not typically used for dance, and particularly under utilized during the pandemic (i.e. school parking lot, store fronts, church steps). 

Madona Tyler LeBlanc  is a nurse, mother, dancer, poet, and local radio programmer involved in improvisational movement, and her work focuses on the ability of music to form connections. 

Gabbie Mganga is a writer and advocate for children with developmental differences. She uses the power of her voice and other creative tools to help empower and inspire others.

Audrey Arya is a dancer, choreographer, and elementary school teacher. With a background in Persian dance, Arya went on to study additional techniques and styles at Joy of Motion Dance Studio in Washington, D.C. She believes in the power of performing arts to create a better individual and bring communities together and that to study dance styles is like learning new languages: it adds richness and depth to one’s personality and helps everyone think in different modes.

Mei-Mei Chang is a DMV based visual artist and educator whose work includes mixed media, paintings, installations, and video projections. As a mixed media and installation artist, Mei Mei explores mediums to bridge her internal and external worlds. She is a lifelong student of the human psyche, fascinated by the mind’s ability to focus on details great and small without limits. Using her internal symbols, she creates rich visual images that are both highly personal and accessible by all.

More About Sound Scene’s Audio Field Trips

Surface, Circulate, Celebrate, Survive: A Binaural Bike Ride!

Saturday 3:00 pm ET

Become part of the kinetic sound of emergence on your bicycle! Remember when you first learned to ride a bike as a kid? Quite likely the second lesson you learned was how to clip a few playing cards to your forks with clothes pins to get that perfect sound from the spokes. Lets do it again! Prepare your bike in advance with your artful noise-generating ideas. It doesn’t just have to be cards in spokes and extra credit for using recycled/repurposed items. Then meet us at the assembly point for a review of the route, safety tips, and a little time to affix some last-minute sound generators. The ride will be a slow, leisurely pedal for about 30-45 minutes. This adventure start to finish will be about an hour. We encourage you to be creative with how you make the sounds that contributes to this moving symphonic brood! Also, if you can safely record the event with your phone or other recording device, please do. It may be made part of a sound art piece to be shared on Sunday June 27th during Sound Scene online! This is family-friendly and open to all ages and bicycle types. If you don’t have a bike, it is possible to use a bike from a Capital Bike Share station located nearby.  This is not a race or contest. It is an emerging sound experience! See you on Saturday, June 26!

Bike Ride Duration 1hr, non-strenuous.

Ana Maria Kleymeyer is an environmental lawyer, musician, dancer, and writer. Past artistic projects include, inter alia, vocal performance; published writings on cultural syncretism, poetry, migrations, and climate change; and a documentary film on the roots and heritage of Latin American contemporary musical tradition. 

Ben Pagac is an entomologist, musician, and audio documentary producer living in Annapolis, MD. He has produced stories for public radio on nature and family. Current projects explore questions relating to science, human emotion, and cultural traditio



An exploration of the sonic ecologies of the Canary Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, in the geographic region known as Macaronesia through site specific activations across Washington DC. Currently a work in progress, commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain, the completed project is scheduled to be presented in full in September 2021. CANARIAS DC SOUNDWALK showcases sonic materials from each of the eight main islands: Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. This fieldwork celebrates what usually remains hidden or unnoticed. It explores the limits and thresholds of perception and attention and celebrates the new sounds that can emerge.  Presented in partnership with Spain Art&Culture.


(You will need a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system and high-quality headphones. Wireless bluetooth headphones are not recommended as the compression degrades the audio quality.)

  1. Download the free “ECHOES interactive soundwalks” app on Google Play or the App Store. 
  2. Once loaded, scan the QR code below to open this special walk directly in the app. Alternatively, you can search for the project by name within the ECHOES app. The audio art work can run in real-time. However, for optimal listening we recommend that you pre-download the project to your phone before setting out to the locations.
  3. Go to the first location: the Metrobranch Trail entrance (the closest trail entrance intersects with M Street NE about 6 minutes walk from Sound Scene / Union Market). The audio is geo-located along the pathway going north towards Alethia Tanner Park. Upon arriving at the destination, the audio will begin automatically and you can listen while walking or pause along the pathway. 
  4. Once you finish listening to the first piece along the Metrobranch Trail, enter into Alethia Tanner Park to experience the second composition. The audio will begin automatically. You can listen anywhere throughout the park while walking or find a spot to sit down, close your eyes and listen fully.
  5. This is meant to be a screenless aural experience. Each composition has a duration of roughly 20 minutes. We encourage you to keep your mobile device in your pocket, take your time and enjoy.

Pablo Sanz is an artist, composer and researcher currently based in Spain and Northern Ireland. His body of work includes site-determined and public art projects, immersive installations, multichannel live performances, exhibitions, releases, and pieces for broadcast and headphone listening. His practice is an open-ended investigation of listening, space-time, more-than-human agencies, aural vitality and otherness, with a focus on the limits and thresholds of perception and attention.

Pablo’s work has been experienced internationally in diverse contexts such as the Museo Reina Sofía, Matadero Contemporary Art Center, National Music Auditorium, La Casa Encendida, Fundación Juan March, Madrid; Phonos, Barcelona; Cafe Oto, London; PS² Gallery, Belfast; STEIM, Amsterdam; ZKM, Karlsruhe; Audiorama, Gothenburg; Gallery Školská 28, Prague; PRAHA, Brno; Sonoscopia, Porto; VELAK, Vienna; Kino Šiška, Ljubljana; MWW Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw; ACMC Sonic Environments, Brisbane; Brooklyn Acoustic Ecology Festival, NYC; and FILE Festival, São Paulo, among others. He has produced commissioned works for Radio Clásica on the Spanish National Radio (RNE); Reina Sofia Museum Radio (RRS); FoN Air, UK; the Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique (ACSR), Brussels, and R{A}DIO{CUSTICA} in the Czech Radio and released pieces in collaboration with Framework Editions, Estonia; GFR, Portugal; Gruenrekorder, Germany; Sonic Terrain, Colombia; Vacuamoenia, Italy; and Very Quiet Records, UK, among other labels and platforms.

Liberty Bell


Liberty Bell is an animated, sonorous Augmented Reality work geo-located over the reflecting pool between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

Many concerns persist around the founding principles of American freedom and democracy. Inequality, structural racism, injustice, and the ability to vote are chief among them. Inspired by the original cracked Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, this sonorous Augmented Reality work hovers beyond viewers, swaying within the rich and layered sound of bells tolling. The Liberty Bell soundscape morphs from the rhythmic lulling of a tolling bell, into a harmonious and dissonant sequence of ringing as it becomes increasingly unpredictable and arrhythmic. Ranging from analog to synthetic, the sounds were compiled from a diverse array of historical moments and locations.

The work emerges to prompt audiences to consider challenges to our individual rights, while providing an opportunity for thoughtful reconciliation through a shared and democratized public art experience. The public artwork is experienced on smartphones through Baker Cahill’s free 4th Wall app.

Commissioned by Art Production Fund, in partnership with 7G Foundation and the Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, a project of the Fund for the City of New York.

How to Experience Liberty Bell

  1. Download the free 4th Wall app from the App Store or Google Play, using Wifi. The app works on iPhones 6s and above (iOS11 and up), any iPad with AR capability, and Androids with AR Core. Once downloaded, be sure to “Allow Access” to photos, microphone, camera and location. The 4th Wall app does not collect any user data.
  2. Be sure device sound is on.
  3. Position yourself at the edge of the reflecting pool, facing the Washington Monument, with the Lincoln Memorial behind you (view map). This site is wheelchair accessible.

Nancy Baker Cahill is an artist working at the intersection of fine art, new media and activism. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of 4th Wall, a free Augmented Reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression. In 2019, she received an “Impact Maker to Watch” award at LA City Hall and was recognized by the LA Times as one of the ARTS Faces of the Year. Baker Cahill is a featured TEDx speaker, and is currently one of ten artist scholars in the Berggruen Institute’s inaugural 2020 Transformations of the Human Fellowship.

Spatial Garden

Scheduled on-going

Sunday 12:30pm ET demo

An on-location musical journey through the history of DC’s Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in advance of its biggest renovation in 30 years, Spatial Garden is a GPS-based spatial music app for iOS and Android. Just download the app (at home, on your data, or on the Hirshhorn’s WiFi) and begin walking through the garden for the full experience. Headphones recommended.

TCW is a DC-based collective and spatial music label. The group has released spatial music works using GPS and augmented reality, including the first AR-based album, Year One, and a collaboration with Cinema-Sonic, Spatial Orchestra, for iOS.

More About Sound Scene’s Workshops

Black Girls Hand Games Project

Saturday 12:30 pm ET

Join OnRaé LaTeal from the Hirshhorn ArtLab for an interactive audio workshop where participants remember childhood hand games and remix the sounds and stories into fresh hip-hop beats. Girls and women-identified participants of all-ages welcome.

Build Your Own Wind Chime

Saturday on-going

Back by popular demand, the Community Forklift and DC Listening Lounge bring you materials from the DMV and guidance to construct your own wind chime (and take it home with you!) from home materials and repurposed tools. One person’s trash is another’s musical instrument. Help beautiful sounds emerge.


Saturday on-going

Sunday 12:45pm ET demo

What role does music play in making community? Join Smithsonian producer Nichole Procopenko in a conversation about the DC Music Map (populated by the community and produced by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival) and join in a coordinated community upload session to contribute sounds and images yourself that are meaningful to you and your neighborhood!

Crystal Radio and other weird ways to get heard

Sunday 11:00 am ET

Human invention in electronics and radio has enabled the human spirit to thrive and in some instances be rescued! As the broadcast industry progressed however, it was haunted with propaganda which encouraged the invention of pirate radio which paved the way for alternative ways to listen and broadcast which has brought us the internet. If you had your own private transmission for others to tune into, what would you say? In this 30 minute workshop (more time if Q&A), participants will be guided to build at home audio devices made from unusual tools such as pizza boxes and more.

Sonia Herrero began her radio adventures at WMUC College radio fixing broken mixing boards and patching sound signals in rusty patchbays. Since then she has worked professionally as an audio engineer in the radio and film industry. In this workshop she breaks down the science and history of radio.

More about Sound Scene’s Live Performances

Image Eclipses Content

Saturday 10:30 am ET

This is a long form composition, written for viola, large concert percussion and sampler, to address themes of loss and re-emergence COVID-19. The return to performance is also a return to listening. The tempo and quality of sounds are specifically produced to allow peoples’ listening reentry to be healing through tempo rather than hurried or rushed. Audiences are welcomed into the process of listening in space, and community is welcomed back.

Mike Khoury an experimental composer, violinist/violist, and improviser deeply influenced by Detroit and Arab-diasporic musical traditions. Khoury centers his work as an experimental composer within the Arab-American community. Trained as an Economist, he applies several quantitative methodologies from Econometrics to his work as an improviser, analyzing compositional outcomes in performance settings. Khoury is the author of a chapter on Halim El-Dabh in an anthology of the Arab Avant-Garde published by Wesleyan University Press. Detroit MI

Ben Hall is an artist, composer, and writer living and working in Detroit and Vermont. His visual art has been profiled by Fred Moten’s book Black and Blur, he is a percussionist in Nate Wooley’s big band project Seven Storey Mountain, and his writing has appeared in BOMB, The Wire, and Bon Appetit. He is the founder of, the world’s largest online Black/African-American spiritual music archive. He is currently a senior research fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College in Vermont.

Sporadic Score by Rosemary Holliday Hall

Saturday 11:30 am ET

This piece transposes seemingly random disease spots on oak leaves into musical notation. Decomposition becomes a form of composition. What patterns emerge? With the leaves as a prompt, local DMV musicians iterate on, and interpret, signals from nature. From small actions, complex systems emerge. The spore becomes a seed of on-going-ness, which can be heard as a warning cry, a growing pattern, or inevitable decay.

Rosemary Holliday Hall (+collaborators)  is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Her evolving projects, publications, and exhibitions explore conceptions of nature, cultural ecologies, and transformation. Hall is a Co-Founder of Viral Ecologies, a digital publication that focuses on human and more-than-human ecological entanglements. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and BFA with a minor in Environmental Horticulture from University of California, Davis. She currently is based in Ojai, CA and Chicago.

Nate Scheible is a DC-based artist who has performed and recorded in a variety of bands and ensembles spanning multiple genres over the past 25 years. While his background is largely based in drumming and improvisation, his recent solo work has focused on the manipulation of magnetic audio tape and processing of analog sound materials.

Sarah Marie Hughes is a performing artist and visual artist currently living in Baltimore, MD. She plays the saxophone, flute, and clarinet and also creates on the guitar and piano. Sarah’s improvising vocabulary is influenced by jazz music and contemporary improvisation as well as Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky.

Corey Thuro is a musician, writer, organizer, visual artist, mover, and creative programmer living in Baltimore, MD. Corey is inspired by a vision of a world of impossible phenomenologies in which being could locate in two places at once. .

Nik Francis is an improvising musician based in the D.C. area. His music focuses on the drum kit, often incorporating electronics and small acoustic instruments.

Luke Stewart is a DC/NYC-based composer-improviser, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and organizer known for his work as a soloist; leader of his Exposure Quintet, with Edward Wilkerson, Jr., Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, and Avreeayl Ra; and member of groups including Blacks’ Myths, Heart of the Ghost, Six Six, Irreversible Entanglements, and Heroes Are Gang Leaders.

Improvised Music & Movement

Saturday 1:30 pm ET

Improvised Music & Movement is a physical and sonic embodiment of emergence. Expect a dynamic live performance that merges the talents of artists Basheer Basséne, Aquiles Holladay, Thomas Stanley and Jenny Moon Tucker.


Saturday 2:30 pm ET

When individuals or societies interact with each other or their environment, the resulting collective behavior of the whole is different than that of its parts. In this multi-sensory/interactive installation, casual observers are invited to become the creative forces that propel sound and imagery into a continually evolving work of art. By affecting small changes at a variety of locations, listeners can become participants in forming an emergent soundscape that mixes a variety of instruments and timbres with lighting and technology to create a truly unique experience. The resulting gestalt is a perfect example of the interconnectivity of our human experiences, as each of our lives are connected despite differences in age, culture, ability, race, location, social status or any other factor that attempts to create artificial divisions in our society. As this past year has taught us, we are all in this together.

Manny Arciniega is a free-lance percussionist, composer, arranger and educator living in Silver Spring, Maryland. He received his undergraduate degree in Music Education and Theory Composition from Texas Christian University and a Master of Arts degree in Timpani and Percussion Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Skilled in many areas of percussion, Manny’s performance opportunities vary from playing buckets on the Netflix Original TV Series House of Card (SE2Ep1) to performing in numerous award winning musical theatre productions in the Washington DC area, including performances at the Olney Theatre Center, Constellation Theatre Company, Gala Hispanic Theatre and the Keegan Theatre. 

Gary Prince is a seasoned educator, guitarist, and arts administrator specializing in jazz and contemporary music. Gary is a graduate of the University of Michigan, holding the degrees MM, Music Education (2019); BFA, Jazz & Contemplative Studies (2008); BA, Psychology (2008). As a performer, Gary possesses a range of influences and expressive ability uncommon among electric guitarists.

Sarah Foard is an active violinist in the DC metropolitan region, performing at Signature Theater, Millennium Stage, the Kreeger Museum, and the Atlas Theater. Her performance pursuits have spanned a wide variety of genres, from classical standards, to musical theater and traditional fiddling. Sarah is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and has studied performance and pedagogy with Patricia Green, Laura Kobayashi, Piotr Milewski, and Rebecca Henry. 

Christopher Brown is a leading bass guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and educator based in Washington DC. He has performed on 5 continents in a huge variety of musical styles ranging from Rock and Pop, Jazz, Funk, Gospel/Worship, Musical Theater, Electronic, World Music and more with over 20 years experience performing and teaching around the world. Performance and recording highlights include Ron Holloway Band (including appearances with Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, Kofi Burbridge, The Tedeschi Trucks Horns, John Kadlecik of The Grateful Dead), Daniel Lanois, John Mayer, Brian Blade, Eddie Bayer, BJ Cole (Bjork, Sting, Dire Straits, Pete Friesen (Alice Cooper), Moonshine Society, DC Improvisers Collective and countless others. 

Daniel Frankhuizen has performed throughout the United States and abroad as a soloist, chamber musician, and in several pop groups. He has performed in venues from Alice Tully Hall and Carnegie Hall, to the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and Storm King Art Center. He has served as principal cellist for the Empire Chamber Orchestra and Opera in the Ozarks Festival Orchestra. ​ 

Peter Leibold is an award winning lighting designer for theatre, dance, opera, music, and anywhere else light can exist. Currently he is based in both NYC and Washington DC. He is also the co-founder of BoldARC Lighting, the inventor of the WebLD control system for virtual performance. 

Aaron Percy is an audio engineer providing live sound, recording, and system design services to the greater Washington, DC area. He is on faculty at Levine Music and in 2010 began teaching Sound Studio Design and Recording Studio Electronics at NVCC as part of the Music and Sound Recording Technologies program.